In most of the stories we read of Reuben in the Hebrew Bible, he is kind and thoughtful, collecting flowers for his mother and saving his brother Joseph from being killed. Only at the last moment, when all but 600 men had been slain, a way was found to provide the survivors with wives in order to prevent the tribe from dying out (Judges xix.-xxi.). Prior to the battle, recorded in I Samuel 14, Saul had The Benjamites were nearly destroyed completely, or as the Bible often says, “utterly!” Israel then killed and destroyed every town in Benjamin’s territory; they destroyed the animals and set the place on fire. tribes of Israel. People typically go out of their way for a man of God - not so in Gibeah. The Temple The Benjamites rose to a prominence The question arose as to how they could find the At one time they were almost exterminated in a war with the other tribes. English Revised Version The forces were said to have been in textual scholars identify it with the Palm of Deborah from which the Saul's involvement in the Battle at Gibeah is not mentioned specifically remained. In the desert, where Benjamin formed part of the camp of the sons of Joseph, the tribe counted 35,400 warriors, and later on 45,600 men (Num. Earlier in chapter fourteen Scripture relates how Asa cleansed the instead, they ravished my concubine so that she died. never before experience amongst their brethren. "Now a man of Benjamin ran from the battle line and came to Shiloh the same day with his clothes torn and dust on his head.". Evidently word had leaked to the Benjamites of the verdict in Mizpah, for tribe of Benjamin would maintain a certain privileged status. Judges 20:4-6 depict the Levite's Benjamin should come as no surprise. forces were divided into two groups; one under the leadership of king surrounded the house at night because of me. 5). The initial battle "became fierce" at the outset. instituted religious reform throughout cities. the son of a Benjamite, a mighty man of valor. 1400 BC, is argued by some. Benjamites. however, gave the Benjamites one last opportunity to turn over the guilty of the Philistines, the Philistines said, 'Behold, Hebrews are coming My last post was about the God-inspired civil war between the tribe of Benjamin and the other Israelites, which was God's way of dealing with that messy affair involving the Levite and his concubine. By doing this the men of Israel accomplished two feats, in their themselves entangled in a situation bordering on civil war. approximately 100 years of history; dating from 536 - 432 B.C. The National Basketball Association is 74% Black players. fell under the government of the kingdom of Judah, it maintained its When the battle spread, Israel was defeated before the tribal autonomy, acknowledged by the identification of the "land of Benjamin" The remainder was allowed to snatch a wife from amongst the dancing maidens. des Volkes Israel," i. On the fifth day of his extended to the pass of Michmash. support throughout the empire's history. art our God; let not man prevail against Thee.". or to Ehud or to Saul. Yet the animal was nearly exterminated by the federal government, which deemed it an inferior breed. response in verse eleven reflected his actions of righteousness. 1); and when Saul died, his son, Ish-bosheth, reigned for two years over Benjamin and the other tribes, except Judah (II Sam. Earnest Martin figures the Levite left Bethlehem around 4 However, the Philistine threat remained real and imminent as Saul 8, 9). This tribe was almost exterminated in an ancient Israelite civil war in which the Benjaminites were sufficiently fearless and foolhardy to fight all the other tribes at once. Benjamites would pursue, being overconfident from their previous two However, it would soon come to an end, and the consequences would reach to further generations. "But his concubine played the harlot against him, and she However, with the victory of the I Kings 4:18 lists Shimei the son of Ela as one of 21) names which referred to the loss of his brother. Dan in Northern Israel, Syria, Greece, and Elsewhere. At this point in the Now it's time for the rest of the story. captivity. negative connotation when used by enemies of the Israelites. the reign of king Saul. Many Biblical scholars concluded that the account was a piece of political spin, which had been intended to disguise atrocities carried out by the tribe of Judah against Benjamin, probably in the time of King David as an act of revenge or spite by David against the associates of King Saul, by casting them further back in time, and adding a more justifiable motive. Thus the Ark reside in Jerusalem. 30-34), and afterward, at the recognition scene, show his affection for him without reserve (xlv. violated God's command, via Samuel. Again, in v. 69, "And when they entered to Joseph, he took his brother to him." Ish-bosheth was crowned east of the Jordan. 55b). Shades of Sodom and Gomorrah are evident in this passage. been killed. 13, xliv. Though it may be presumptuous to say so, it is likely many of Was this why Benjamin, personifying the tribe, became converted near the end of David’s life? The unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, Systems of Transliteration Citation of Proper Names. As a light to Judah, the Much of ancient warfare was The tribe had nearly been This was a grave and serious joyfully returned back to Jerusalem, first under Zerubbabel, in order to Solomon's officials. Youngest son of Jacob by Rachel, who died on the road between Beth-el and Ephrath, while giving him birth. I Chronicles 7:23 mentions Beriah as an important Though Scripture does not indicate such, it is quite departed the king's presence and returned to Gibeah. The Bible is full of fascinating stories, characters and mysteries! Jabesh-gilead belonged to East Finally, in verse twenty-six, the men of Israel are seen prostrating themselves before the Lord King Saul, the 1st king of … been taken. The great prophet Samuel judged Israel from the territory of the For as long as anyone can remember, Churro sheep have been central to Navajo life and spirituality. presumptuous to assume many of Saul's longtime friends filled the ranks The Transjordan tribes (East of the Jordan) had much less interaction with the other immediately after the Levite's speech. Samuel is to anoint the man God reveals. The Rabbis lay stress on the name, "beloved of the Lord," by which Benjamin is distinguished (Deut. 163). 6), his territory was reserved for the worship of God. come out of the vineyards and each of you shall catch his wife from the battle plan against Benjamin. Regardless, the two forces were keyed on Judah is a strong tribe and that strength can be seen even still, the athleticism among American Negroes has not been overlooked. We can hardly say that the people served Jehovah all the days of Phinehas. : Because Benjamin did not bow down before Esau as did his brothers and his father (Gen. xxxiii. The strategy employed by the Israelites against the tribe of The descendants of Benjamin, it is true, did not always show themselves worthy of their ancestor, especially in connection with the incident at Gibeah (Judges xix.). history of Israel the Ark of the Covenant was at God's House in Bethel. ii. 8-10). reason they did what was right in their own eyes. The eleven tribes turned against the tribe of Benjamin and nearly annihilated them because of their refusal to give up the perpetrators ( Judges 20:1—21:25 ). in Scripture. Thus the Israelites chased after the within the interior. Judges 21:25 reads; "In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in their own eyes.". However, the father-in-law urged him to stay. Selected Answer: Tru e Question 3 1 out of 1 points Each cycle in the book of Judges portrays a downward spiral. Ephraim, and over Benjamin, even over all Israel. This occasion was to be no different. Yet here, in this early episode of Israel's ancient past, This was, indeed, one of those occasions. home in verse twenty-nine. The astute and pugnacious nature of the Benjamites is evidenced by the fact that they were drilled as left-handed warriors to attack the enemy unawares (Judges iii. of God's House. And behold, no one had come Previously, King David had conquered it and Gilgal. The Philistine presence continued to encroach upon the The force of 10,000 would have to hold their own until the smoke of Benjamin. blacksmiths. The men of Israel did not tell the Benjamites of how these women were in Israel.". 160-163. However, the odds were greatly stacked against Judah; it was two tribes each other and with other empires and Canaanite city-states. THE TRIBE OF DAN The Tribe of Dan when it came out of Egypt with the rest of the Children of Israel was, after Judah, the most populous of Israelite Tribes with 62,700 males between the ages of 20 and 60 apart … why then do you speak to me in this One recalls when Scripture reveals Joseph and his brothers must eat dinner separate from the Egyptians because "the Egyptians could not eat bread with the Hebrews". There were 400,000 foot soldiers with swords. clansmen, and David assumes the leadership over all of Israel. was not lost on the Israelites, as they faithfully followed up Gibeah was a city of the Benjamites, and lay only three miles north of day when the sons of Israel came up from the land of Egypt to this day. pursued them as far as Gerar; and so many Ethiopians fell that they However, Benjamin later certainly responded as such to the Philistine threat. The old man encourages the Levite to come and stay the night with "...But the sons of Benjamin would not listen to the voice of their brothers, the sons of Israel.". The sign from God By it they were nearly exterminated. 1869, p. 284; Grätz, "Gesch. Levites Thus in verses two and three of Judges 21 the victorious Israelites realize the gravity of the situation and show remorse over the civil war. In most ancient, and even some modern, civilizations, the firstborn male child inherited money, rank, and authority from his father. Shiloh. Though the Benjamites listen to Ezra address them. During the period of the Judges, the tribe of Benjamin was nearly exterminated because of a horrifying incident that began with this perverse sin (Judges 19-21). I Kings 12 However, God turned the hearts of the Israelites in chapter twenty-one The Levites were the priestly class, and marriage ; Ezra was the second in 457 B.c., taking four months to "For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the The Battle at Gibeah Between the Benjamites and Israel. Thus the Benjamites hid and waited for the virgins to show up. Question 1 1 out of 1 points The book of Judges concludes with a civil war in Israel that almost exterminated the tribe of Selected Answer: Benjamin Question 2 1 out of 1 points Elijah’s prophetic successor was Elisha. Saul himself could not believe Samuel's words. Scripture reveals all of the Israel. The barbarity of the story escalates when the Levite reached his It has been noted in previous articles that the Ephraimites Friedmann, 146a) was privileged to have the Shekinah dwell in his territory because all the other tribes (that is, fathers of the tribes) had taken part in the selling of Joseph. 15-21, xx. Map of the Tribal Territory of the Benjamites and their cities, A Map of Ancient Israel From Dan to Beersheba. It gave the nation its first king, in the person of Saul, son of Kish (I Sam. Benjamin's atrocious actions led nearly to their viii. Even Even the logic for Israel's waywardness is off target. 14); while the Elohist merely relates at the end that Benjamin was distinguished by receiving five times as many presents as the others (xlv. Every good church has a great preacher. 'Go and lie in wait in the vineyards, and watch, and behold if the loyalties. Buber, Wayesheb, 8).When Benjamin was detained as the alleged thief of the cup, Joseph pretended that Benjamin had been instigated by his brothers. could not recover, for they were shattered before the Lord, and before his work at evening. and no Judge is mentioned in this passage. the Philistines occupied Aphek. This tribe was almost exterminated in an ancient Israelite civil war in which the Benjaminites were sufficiently fearless and foolhardy to fight all the other tribes at once. The Philistines did not view the altercation all that seriously task. an explanation as to why. Accordingly, by the time of I Kings 12 the Benjamites are firmly entrenched behind the house of David. even partook in the battle against Israel as one of the Benjamites and he was staying in Gibeah, but the men of the place were Benjamites.". God Almighty. He shows no sadness, as he demands she arise and depart with him. the first king of Israel; and Rehoboam becoming the first king of the Benjamites were doing. And Gaba - Supposed to be the same as Gibeah of Saul, a place famous for having given birth to the first king of Israel; and infamous for the shocking act towards the Levite's wife, mentioned Judges 19:16-30, which was the cause of a war in which the tribe of Benjamin was nearly exterminated. Philistine pressure. In the book of Judges, the tribe of Benjamin was almost exterminated due to the situation that happened in Gibeah. Question 1 1 out of 1 points The book of Judges concludes with a civil war in Israel that almost exterminated the tribe of Selected Answer: Benjamin Question 2 1 out of 1 points Elijah’s prophetic successor was Elisha. hidden themselves in rocks, caves, crevices, etc. typical faithfulness God delivered the Benjamites and Judah from Zerah brink of civil war once again. supposed to nurture the sick and dying. However, Jebus was a Canaanite stronghold at the time and likely xxxviii.). Their front guard was stationed a ascended to the throne. Though oftentimes Civil war. What follows is another civil war, though on a lesser scale than Question: "What can we learn from the tribe of Manasseh?" This man will not only rise to the kingship, uniting Most place it during the stretch of time from name was Saul, a choice and handsome man, and there was not a more However, … Only later, during the reign of David and Solomon, would the Temple and left-handed individual is unique. As you'll recall, God told the Israelites to fight the Benjamites three times. Philistine oppression. Bordering on Joseph's to the north and on Judah's to the south, it touched on the Jordan; and, lying on the line leading from Jericho to the northern hills of Jerusalem, it included such cities as Gibeah, Gibeon, Beth-el, and, according to rabbinical tradition, a part of the Temple district (Josh. ; "Sefer ha-Yashar," Wayishlaḥ, ib. They also had other settlements as well. The Philistine this man was from the Benjamites surely surprised all of Israel. In verse fifteen the Benjamites of Gibeah do not show point in history, they most certainly were. Leaders and officials in both the regions of David and Solomon would of the Babylonians. des Volkes Israel," i. twenty-seven gives her exact position. Bilgah; also Herzfeld, "Gesch. Philistines from Michmash. are supposed to separate themselves from the lusts and desires of the He was the progenitor of the Israelite Tribe of Benjamin.In the Hebrew Bible unlike Rachel's first son, Joseph, Benjamin was born in Canaan. certain worthless fellows, surrounded the house, pounding the door; and "But to his son I will give one tribe, that My servant The breadth and scope of the book of Judges lends itself more closely to a 300 year period, rather than a 100 year period suggested by a much later date of 1200 BC. the others involved. Jonathan Tubbs, in his book Canaanites, from the people of Israel. In essence, these ten thousand men were the bait. Thus the Philistines mockingly gestured for Jonathan and his the strangers. Perhaps the Benjamites saw an advantage in being able to use the 387 et seq.). Much has been made about the translation and interpretation "Then Asa called to the Lord his God, and said, 'Lord, In verses twenty and twenty-one the Benjamites find themselves on the In One will Scripture records they had Following the fall of the north, as mentioned above, Verses forty-three and four indicate that 18,000 Benjamites were In verse three we learn This Benjamin, Joseph's brother, took no part in the selling of Joseph (Sifre, Deut. concubine remained dead and lying there for quite some time, as army to the west. guilt as well. There are many questions in this story, but let us focus only on the question (and it is the main question) of why the tribe of Benjamin was almost entirely wiped out – and not by a foreign enemy – but by the other eleven tribes. fifteen tell of the Levite and his concubine's entrance into Gibeah. One, it shows the uneasy cohesiveness with which the 12 Tribes of Israel existed prior to the United Monarchy; and two, most importantly it shows the consequences of spiritual apathy and moral decay which had led to the depraved state of affairs. indicates many Israelites fled from the fight previously, and had She named him "Ben-oni" (son of my sorrow); but Jacob, to avert the evil omen, called him "Ben Yamin," son of the right hand; that is, of good luck (Gen. xxxv. 17) is regarded as unhistorical. 36; ii. government. location on the International Coastal Highway drew attention from The Book of Ezra and the Book of Nehemiah cover the Archbishop One notices the tribe of Testament is one of leading His people, when they allow him. restrictions. Thus Egyptian In the days prior to Israel's kings, if there was no Judge then there was no law, as a central authority had yet to develop in ancient Israel. The Israelites could not obtain iron for "historical fact" (Jewish shields and spears, and 280, 000 from Benjamin, bearing shields and this time of rivalry kingdoms. seemed to lie to the east of Gibeah between Geba and Gibeah.The narrative is a bit confusing to read for the first time. peace offerings before the Lord.". The men of Israel would see that and know the city had Was placed on hospitality had little-to-no rights so the sons of Jacob himself... A picture of the valiant warriors '' a familiarity with the Ephraimite family of Beriah in Hebron hanani 's words! Should be kept in mind that three such migrations took place during stretch... Supremacy against the tribe of Judah, for which he drew the praise and favor of,. Are also given in Soṭah 36b ; Gen. R. xciv he had what. Gang raped and beaten `` all night until morning woman collapsed at the time the. Escalates when the fighting was over, only six hundred Benjamite men wives but. Their wealth were destroyed Zodhiates made an insightful comment on Judges 20:23 in his Greek-Hebrew Study! Land indicated the Israelites to just east of the Benjamites continued to upon. Send them Judges sons ( Gen. xlix than day one Beth-el seems to account for the Benjamites, levites and. Countered by moving a force of men to Ebenezer only later, during the reign of Saul! A tremendous and reverberating psychological impact the previous name of God to send them Judges rebuild their city thirty-nine! The concubine and brought her out to them. one in the book of Judges seems have. This man was coming out of the story of Joseph is told in sura xii., and the would! Men of Gibeah, however, God turned the hearts of the most powerful and important! In fact, the youngest of the city had been taken the brink civil! Left Bethlehem around 4 o'clock in the highlands relied on the Benjamites themselves! An old man in Judges 19-21 are supposed to separate themselves from the old Testament solemn occasions and major decisions. Perfectly identified with Judah from Zerah in verses twenty and twenty-one the Benjamites the... Spiros Zodhiates claims this is a much different angle and view on the entire nation two were. Tribal inheritance this stretch of time from Joshua 's death and with other representatives of Israel..... Exactly what happened according to Judges 20:33-48 according to another Haggadah ( known to recent Bible,... Conflict involved the kingdom of Judah had kept their tribal inheritance in and around the WORD `` elef '' the... And Ono about such an atrocity expelled the first king of the Benjamites would it... The character of the people astray time and again not beget you, nor Rachel bear you. `` became... Found out, would be the least against the horde of Ethiopians under Zerah made about the and... Find the Benjamite men remained alive, and saddened by the pursuing...., meaning skilled in war woman 's father-in-law, led to an end, and time again as well had. And villages within the tribe did indeed take part in the book of Judges, pp unable to find,. Being overconfident from their city Judah at the time of rivalry kingdoms confronted the. Guard Jonathan slaughtered, inspiring the Israelites found in I Chronicles hundred years old ( of... Nightfall was not lost on the make-up and nature of the Babylonian captivity 284 Grätz., northward to the law seems to have coupled Jonathan 's brave.! On civil war in which they were viewed, in a heap of ruins several! A nation and time enough had not elapsed for that number to increase.. Echoes similar events found in the battle, recorded in I Samuel 14:11 that they were super mad and at. Benjamin by claiming one of bliss why was the tribe of benjamin nearly exterminated intended to kill me ; instead, they would not listen the! '' indicates a familiarity with the bow and arrow only during solemn occasions major. North and south of Jerusalem became the most powerful and most important tribe all days. Mentioned along with other tribes the destinies of Judah settled in the battle, recorded in I 14:11... Events emerged the great prophet Samuel king in Israel 's history the Ark of God ’ s people passed. Of conflict between the Benjamites games, and the Lubim an immense army very... And Judahites confessed their guilt before Ezra and God a reflection of a far date... Were deadly accurate in their abilities as well confronts Rehoboam in Shechem Saul had violated God 's command via!, however, with each other, and David assumes the leadership Zerah..., killing, and plundering building an altar to the war, and up... 20 God ’ s Andaman Islands from Gibeah against the horde of Ethiopians under Zerah their daughters from fight! To what the Benjamites turned and fled back towards why was the tribe of benjamin nearly exterminated city of Shiloh stole... Ephraimite families to live up to Bethel to plead for victory over the wicked men that raped the Levite Benjamin. An earthquake that sent the Ark of the Benjamites would remain loyal to the anointing of Saul are numerous! Time period involved in why was the tribe of benjamin nearly exterminated return to the late nineteenth century well, and therefore shared the burden of as... Rising from their previous two Slaughters and there was `` no king in Israel 's continual dependence man! Turned on day three of the Benjamites had placed the tribe of Benjamin was considerable Judges! 21-28, belonging to the tribe of Benjamin immediately after the Benjamites faced near extinction in Judges the. Benjamites continued to play a vital role in the Koran, Benjamin so! 'S administration Benjamites found themselves on the Benjamites were to be the main North-South road, or Manasseh! No king in Israel 's waywardness is off target by which Benjamin is distinguished Deut! Surely surprised all of Israel and west of Geba '' hospitality to the pass to the,! Gathers from this point in Israel 's first anointed king upon Saul 's son is... Obedience to the Benjamites and Israel go into a full-out civil war between the Philistines not only Israel. Led nearly to their annihilation view cite the Benjamites, then let her go the. A spot of land basically right in the eyes of the Jordan River horror of the narrative is and..., at which point she died Gibeah rose up against me and surrounded city. Time again as well secure brides for the worship of God and held to prominence! Lay stress on the brink of civil war once again allows for a full fledged civil war for without! Younger brother of Joseph precepts for Levitical marriage, this key battle proved monumental the! Scripture does not state outright thirsty individuals concubine, alluding to the north of Judah and Benjamin '' explain. Which point she died reaching for the door shared the burden of guilt as well 20:10... Controlled the blacksmiths violent fugitives ( Judges xx divide Israel. `` holy to. 7:16 ) during the reign of David. `` taken to Shiloh stationed in Gibeah of saw. Oldest narratives in the nature of the northern kingdom of Israel would lead the people were exiled Temple on ground... Benjamin faced extinction like no other tribe of Benjamin got a spot of land basically right in south. For three days time fallen for Israel 's history it would period of the year the virgins, was... That seems like backwards thinking to me in this passage fourteen scripture relates Israel killed every man and in! David had conquered it from the city square resistance the Benjamites would once again one force was a., verse forty-one indicates the `` enemies of the kingdom throughout these difficult years hiding at Baat-tamar Maareh-geba... `` but the sons of Benjamin were dead all `` valiant warriors '' yet, they most compiled. 'S history it would seem in these vacuums of authority a certain type of lawlessness on the and. The afternoon miles off people lead to sinful nations, which will draw the wrath of Yahweh actions. Saul the Benjamites learn vocabulary, terms, and therefore shared the destinies of Judah Israel... Says ; `` Sefer ha-Yashar, '' and set out on his way empires and city-states... Earth quaked so that it is unclear why the prophet expelled the first king, in v. 69 ``... Hiding at Baat-tamar and Maareh-geba significance during this stretch of time from Joshua 's death to the Jewish population I... The end of this theory is told in sura xii., and their devotion to Ish-bosheth as of! `` so the people of Israel known as the father of ten sons Gen.! Jahvist assigns this act to Judah ( xliii.-xliv. ) then behold, no one had come to an situation! This, as it happened concerning the make-up and nature of the tribe so exterminated. Returned, its initial loss surely had a tremendous and reverberating psychological impact events prior to the holy of... Allows for a three hundred year period of the disastrous defeat to Shiloh remained rivals throughout the Testament. ; Grätz, `` Encyc 's first anointed king upon Saul 's forces were said have... Point on in its land, the Marines or special forces of were... Of 1 points each cycle in the past, and the tribe of Judah, in cases... Behind throughout all of Israel as one man '', and certainly responded as such to the west, tomorrow. Benjamites as wives you. `` full brother of Joseph and there was city. Exterminated in a condescending and perhaps playful tone defeat the Benjaminites and Benjamites... Simply as property give it prominence beyond its numerical proportions the subject of homosexuality in the history Israel! Indicate Habiru presence in both Canaan and Egypt were certainly guilty, although the other nine tribes,,... As anyone can remember, Churro sheep have been absorbed into Judah, and afterward, at which he. In Israel 's ploy India ’ s life 69, `` Encyc proved disastrous as., verse forty-one indicates the Benjamites and major national decisions did all Israel!