What does providential mean? And then providentially at Tirupati, spirituality too insensibly seeped into our orgies, enabling us … providentially definition: 1. in a way that happens exactly when needed but without being planned: 2. in a way that happens…. Find more ways to say providential, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Another word for providential. See more. Providentially, Helga’s father had. Definition of providential in the Definitions.net dictionary. Was my name providentially ordered to be Green, that he might pass verbal contumely upon it?. Learn more. Hence Bulstrode felt himself providentially secured. providentially meaning: 1. in a way that happens exactly when needed but without being planned: 2. in a way that happens…. The example sentences play a good role in this regard. Learn more. Dictionary entry overview: What does providentially mean? Humorous Masterpieces from American Literature. However, it will allow you to learn the appropriate use of Providentially in a sentence. The definition of providential is to seem to come from a divine power. 1. in a fortunately providential manner 2. in a providential manner; as determined by providence 3. in a prudent manner Familiarity information: PROVIDENTIALLY used as an adverb is uncommon. In addition to it, the knowledge about the origin, pronunciation, and synonyms of a word allows them to find similar words or phrases. Here you can check all definitions and meanings of Providentially. Providential definition is - of, relating to, or determined by Providence. Providential definition, of, relating to, or resulting from divine providence: providential care. It was a clarion call for unity against the corrupt British court, so as to realize America's providential role in providing an asylum for liberty. Information and translations of providential in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. providentially: In a providential manner; by means of God's providence. : The same belief underlay the providential view of history, in which the rise and fall of nations appeared as the expression of God's unsearchable purposes. What does providential mean? Providentially quotes from YourDictionary: As we survey all the evidence, the thought insistently arises that some supernatural agency - or, rather, Agency - must be involved. Meaning of providential. Providentially in a sentence | providentially example sentences. How to use providential in a sentence. • PROVIDENTIALLY (adverb) The adverb PROVIDENTIALLY has 3 senses:. No fire, no wine or spirits, or medicine of any kind, and no person being within a call, but luckily, perhaps the occasion would better suit the word providentially… Synonym Discussion of providential.