It would be easy to overlook such subtle elements were they not designed to be enhanced through colour. However, in Ford’s global engineering approach, new Fiestas around the world will be configured and tuned to suit regional driving conditions and customer preferences. Ford Beltminder, a reminder system to encourage occupants to use their safety belts, is standard on new Fiesta. Einer der wesentlichen Gründe hierfür ist sein revolutionärer 1,5-l-EcoBoost-Benzinmotor, der dank 147 kW (200 PS) und einem Drehmoment von 290 Nm den Sprint von 0 auf 100 km/h in nur 6,5 Sekunden bewältigt. This allowed areas of potential weakness to be corrected even before the first prototype was built. These stabilise the rocker section to ensure that it performs optimally in the event of a side impact. Comprar ou vender carros usados. This maintains the ‘wedge’ attitude admired on the Verve Concept and communicates robustness. Through new Fiesta, Ford is introducing another ‘big car’ feature to the small car segment – automatic heated screens, making Ford’s renowned ‘Quickclear’ heated front windscreen even smarter. The 115 PS engine with variable intake cam timing, provides a well-balanced blend of performance and economy. New Fiesta’s Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) system also plays its part. • Storage bin at the rear of the centre console, large enough for a handbag/CDs and easily accessible for rear passengers. New Fiesta’s underfloor structural beams – so-called ‘sled runners’ – also are formed from dual-phase steel, as are lateral floor reinforcements, which help the structure manage side impact forces. The blend of colours is designed to be harmonious and was inspired by the exclusive fabrics and leathers of haute couture, according to Ruth Pauli, Chief Designer, Colours and Trims, Ford of Europe. Martin Smith explains: “Kinetic design is not just a matter of ‘cut and paste’ from one vehicle to the next; each is a new interpretation of the fundamental design elements. Insurance providers also rate Ford EasyFuel highly because it significantly reduces the chance of potentially large insurance claims from misfuelling. Cruise control helps keep the vehicle at the desired speed more accurately and efficiently than the driver can, especially over long distances, making highway cruising more fuel-efficient. The 1.4-litre manual achieves a fuel economy of 5.7 litres per 100 kilometres (49.6 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 147 grams per kilometre. Pilot injections are small doses of fuel prior to the main injection of fuel, precisely timed by the engine electronic controls and delivered through its common rail system at pressures of up to 1,500 bar. New Fiesta is equipped with three-point safety belts for all five occupant positions, retractor pretensioner safety belts for the front seating positions and anti-submarining front seats. The primary display – speedometer and rev counter – are framed by binocular-shaped, short tunnels of brightwork, which complement the centre stack and contrast the interior colours in another example of expressive design. Standvirtual Nº1 em carros. Now available with an engaging five-speed manual or a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, the Fiesta is never a … These actions, combined with a suite of additional detail engineering actions, give new Fiesta ECOnetic an impressive projected fuel economy of 3.7 litres per 100 kilometres (76.3 miles per gallon) in the official combined European driving cycle. 6:45. La nouvelle Fiesta ST est plus puissante tout en étant plus réactive et plus agréable à conduire que jamais. As with the exterior, colours play as vital a role as shape in defining and establishing the character and attitude of the different new Fiesta models. Performance feel is even better in the new Fiesta and we’ve made some key driveability improvements, too.” Creating a striking, kinetic exterior shape was just one part of the new Fiesta design story and the Verve Concept that preceded it. The lack of a conventional cap, which would need to be removed prior to fuelling the car, reduces the danger of fingers becoming tainted with fuel. “When we consider all of the comfort and convenience features in the new Fiesta range, we think of it not as our new small car, but our smallest large car,” concludes Giovanni De Pasca. This work was supported by Ford engineers’ experience of the Electric Hydraulic Power Assist Steering (EHPAS) system developed for the Ford C-MAX and Focus. In new Fiesta, the result is a HMI that separates the traditional entertainment system elements – screen, controls and electronics – into a mobile phone-inspired user interface. Ford fiesta 1.25 60Kw 3dr 2009 zwart altijd veilig en zonder problemen in gereden een zeer fijne auto en zeker betrouwbaar pluspun The entertainment systems can be activated without starting the engine by pushing the button alone. • Usefulness and personalisation New Fiesta brings this key technology to the Ford small-car customer for the first time, preventing misfuelling and the associated damage, inconvenience and expense. “It should improve fuel consumption and CO2 emissions; it should feel as natural as possible and familiar to our customers; and disturbance sensitivity – such as kickback from poor road surfaces – should be improved versus the previous car.”  Three other 16-valve Duratec petrol engines are offered in the new Fiesta powertrain range, which will also feature an automatic transmission option: Beyond fuel economy and emissions, the new model is set to extend Fiesta’s reputation as a sporty driver’s car with enhancements to its trademark performance feel and driveability. Un tout nouveau moteur EcoBoost de 1.5 l fournit une puissance de 200 ch et 290 Nm, et monte de 0 à 100 en 6,5 secondes. The anti-stall technology is absolutely seamless to the driver – whether novice or experienced – and makes new Fiesta easier to drive in city traffic, easier to manoeuvre into tight parking spaces and more pleasurable for all drivers. £2,495.00. 8. The result is a new Fiesta that joins a family of vehicles immediately identifiable as new generation Fords, yet with distinctive character to appeal to their target audiences. Extensive computer-aided-design work was conducted to package the engine and its ancillary components, such as hoses, cables and hard components into a tight space while protecting them from heat, movement and harmful vibrations and ensuring optimal crashworthiness. The driver’s seat now adjusts up and down by 55 mm to accommodate different driver’s needs, which is a first for Fiesta. Warranty option available on all our cars (not included in sel The system features asymmetrical blades – 600 mm long on the driver’s side, 425 mm on the passenger side, for a wide sweep arc. It uses a Bosch control system with peak fuel pressure of 1,600 bar. “The new Fiesta HMI system needed to be readily understood, intuitive to operate and easy to control, for people of all shapes and sizes. “It’s another pleasant surprise for the diesel customer.” Find used Ford Fiesta 2009 Cars for sale at The new Fiesta will be available in Europe stating fall 2008 and later in Asia, South Africa and Australia.
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