Gonna order 5 more of the plus next and the best customer service I have ever had could b happier with this place, I’m thinking about buying the biohome plus, and was wondering on how long it lasts before i place my order. BIOHOME PLUS FILTER MEDIA. Don, tommy gooch After all, what is good for someone, might not be for another person. To find the right spot in your device, just take a look in the user manual, or make a quick search online. First, I will tell about the 2 most popular benefits that come with using a biological filter media. Sean, A biological media contains bacteria colonies that must consume ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. I check my nitrates two weeks after it was 15ppm.Two weeks after 5ppm and today at:12/15 it was 0 ppm. i have 2 tanks. I will most likely buy the product after reading all the reviews, but i just wanted some feedback. Biohome Ultimate ist ein effizientes biologisches Filtermedium, und eine gute mechanische Filtration muss gewährleistet sein, dass das Wasser durch es fließt keine Schmutz enthält, die es verstopfen und die Effizienz verringern könnten. Once you have the media bought, you just have to open the filter and place the media where it’s supposed to be. Stay safe, and… This material is colonized much faster than 'CERAMIC' media which ... Rua Luisa Mendes … (verified owner) – October 21, 2015. Biohome Ultimate Media | GreatWave Engineering. You can check out the extreme porosity of the Ultimate yourself by touching just the tip of a piece media to the surface of some water. 99. This is the second item that’s worth checking out. Sean, Rated 4.95 out of 5 $ 10.17 – $ 18.32; Biohome Plus Media. i thought it was a monthly renewal kind of filter (I’m somewhat new to fish tank maintenance). Biohome ultimate is like a middle ground between the two, fits in some spaces that marine pure cant and is more compact but less likely to clog than matrix. I’m glad the media is working well for you no matter where you got it. Reaktionen 105 Karteneintrag ja Wohnort Meckenheim. One liter of Matrix media is enough for 40 liters (10 gallons) of water. I bought this media at the advice from Pond Guru, who uses YouTube, to answer questions and do how-to videos for people like me. 50 Gallon Hillstream Aquarium. Great to hear it cleared it up so quickly. I ordered 5 kg 3 weeks ago. BIOHOME® ULTRA, ULTRA PLUS, and ULTIMATE are made with higher porosity (10% more) to support more oxygen exchange within the pellet, supporting better biological functions. BIOHOME Plus – 5kg It is a sintered glass filtration media that houses billions of beneficial bacteria to get rid of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Continued success, and… My water conditions have never been more stable, or clear. Freshwater . After scouring the internet and YouTube for filtration media I came across the PondGuru channel. Biohome Ultimate Media. 50%. Happy Fish Keeping! Biohome Ultimate Media was developed … Less frequent water changes are obtainable, this leads to extremely crystal clear water, no chemical filtration needed, no water odor. Biohome Plus Media Biohome Plus Media with a porosity of approx. Don, Your email address will not be published. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . Since Biohome however, I will NEVER use anything else. Stiphodon gobies BIOHOME ULTIMATE FILTER MEDIA. I wasn’t going to do this but soon after I bought 2 bags of it my old tank broke and I had only one new one (40 Long) I was saving for when I decide what I wanted to do with it however this happened. Any aquarium needs a water filter that does its job well. Thanks. Biohome is produced in a variety of sizes and forms to suit every type of filter. He indicate the feedback he had received over the years indicated an average media life of five years. Biohome Plus = (as above) Biohome Mini Ultra = external, large internal, large DIY ornament filter, overhead, sump, large HOB; Biohome Ultra = sump, shower / trickle filter; Biohome Ultimate = external, large internal, large DIY ornament filter, overhead, sump, large HOB; Biohome Maxi Ultimate … I’m so so pleased! A biological filter media will remove all these harmful substances from the water. 1.2 cubic litres. My filter packed in 3 weeks ago so I bought a fx6. Also it’s disgustingly fun to watch this stuff suck up water. That’s because there are multiple types of water filters: hang on back filters, canister filters, underwater filters and others too. media sizes. Later, I will tell you about the 5 best biological filter media for aquariums. The second advantage that comes with using bio-filter media is the fact that it’s very simple to use. I was very apprehensive about taking the carbon out, but after doing some research on Biohome, I could see that I wouldn’t need it. BioHome Filter Media VietNam. Besides the standard ammonia and nitrate removal property, it also comes with Ion exchange. Anyway I highly advise those that are on the fence to give this filter media a try and see for yourself. It has a 10 year working life and reliability are hallmarks of all Biohome products. It is … Creighton, If it wasn’t for the air pump and filter bubbles you couldn’t tell sometimes. This bio media makes fish keeping easy. Biohome Plus works best in the last stage of the filter before water is discharged into the pond. I was cycling my tank with it and I used neon’s and guppies in it and I guess I was given the confidence that with using this media I could do it without worrying about loosing any of these fish even though they are not good choices to cycle a tank and weirdly I wasn’t. The water is and has been crystal clear and the fish are extremely active now, swimming wildly at times! After about 4-5 weeks I noticed the nitrates also started to read 20ppm more consistently. It is a sintered glass filtration media that houses billions of beneficial bacteria to get rid of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Biohome Ultimate ist identisch mit Biohome Mini Ultra außer, dass es mit Spurenelementen angereichert ist, die das Wachstum nützlicher Bakterien noch verstärkt. Before Biohome, I tried a plethora of different medias for my aquariums. Greatwave was fast to respond to my questions, the shipping was fast, the personal letter offering more advice on my specific situation that came with it was great. Under gravel filters amd corner box filters filled with activated charcoal and filter floss are out. Now I have been using only filter floss and Biohome for three weeks and have never seen my fish so active! To me Seachem Matrix cant hold a candle to BioHome Ultimate,,Ive using BioHome for 4yrs,,,And just recently ordered 2Kilos, since I found a supplier in the US, To give you an example...At one point I had … Biohome Plus Filter Media (1 Pound) 4.2 out of 5 stars 22 $24.99 $ 24. Because of this, the bacteria colony will grow quicker and you’ll be able to filter the water biologically sooner. But there are certain things you can’t get rid of in a traditional manner. Is this feature helpful? After three months the nitrates were always between 20-40 ppm and nitrites were typically between 0.25 to 0.5mg/L, not good. Ken, I ordered biohome ultimate and after 3 days I could not believe how consistently clear and odorless my aquarium water has become. This is because most bio-filter media can be directly placed inside the mechanical filter that you already own. Biohome Plus Media is a compact media identical to Biohome Standard except that a variety of trace minerals have been added to enhance the media’s’ability to support beneficial bacteria growth. How does it happen? Anyway I put this media in a new large canister filter I was also saving for the 40 long and this media came through for me as it not only kept the ammonia and nitrite levels very low and safe for my fish it also kept the water so clear it looked like there was no water in the tank and the fish were swimming in mid air at times. So, even if you  have a bigger aquarium, you’ll be all set. Thanks for selling such a great product. .I saw a post earlier from the BIOHOME guy now being available in AUS. Biohome Plus is an efficient biological filter media and as with all porous media good mechanical filtration must be used prior to it for maximum efficiency. I got past the Biohome Ultimate vs Seachem Matirx debate on my first order by just going with the option that allowed me free shipping (I hate paying shipping costs). So, it’s of utmost importance to put in place a bio-filter. New Biohome Ultimate takes just 2-3 weeks to reach its optimum bio-filtration capacity and can quickly remove ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from aquarium water. microscopic open pore structure offers home for billions of beneficial bacteria. $44.99 $ 44. Je kunt gemakkelijk zelf zien hoe extreem absorberend Biohome Ultimate is door het topje in wat water te houden. It has an open structure, which comes with a big advantage: it lets the water penetrate the media way easier. This media has kept my African Cichlid tanks water so steady with its levels it is amazing. ABOUT BIOHOME Biohome is known as a 'SINTERED GLASS' media as it is mostly constructed from special sand. Biohome Ultimate is identical to Mini with the addition of trace elements, including iron and maganese, to support beneficial bacteria growth. Happy Fish Keeping, © Copyright 2020 - SmartAquariumGuide. *** I said all that to say this, I have never seen such a well thought out biological media product and the customer service was absolutely top notch. BIOHOME STANDARD FILTER MEDIA. Ammonia was either zero or 0.25mg/L, again, not good. Matrix only supports aerobic bacteria. Add to Wishlist Quick View. This will help the bacteria colony grow and thrive. börni; 22. I then attached a powerhead to the bottom of it using some tubing. Happy Fish Keeping, The BrightWater bio-filter media is the last product on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s the worst by any means. In our experience we have found the best flow rate to be; Marine : 10 mm / sec Fresh : 5 mm / sec. Don, Mike The Biohome Ultimate media has only been in my canister filter for a couple days now but I am really impressed with the quality vs other media it sucked up water quickly and has already started to collect Bacteria I also used the Filter started balls that were included and my nitrate levels have already started to go down a little This product outperform my previous media. Freshwater . It’s worth mentioning that you can reuse this product by rinsing it lightly with aquarium water in every 1 to 3 months. 2 Feb 2018 #2 You don't say much about your set up.....in many planted tanks the filter media is not that important! tank 1 0.5kg of biohomme plus and 5kg mr … Prob 10% to go before it’s back to crystal. Biohome Ultimate Marine is an efficient biological filter media and good mechanical filtration must be provided to insure the water passing through it does not contain any debris that might clog it and reduce efficiency. Shipping was fast and packaging was solid. My living room smells fresh now! I have set-up and kept many different types of aquariums over the last 40 plus years from Florida Native Flora & Fauna Tanks to keeping oddball exotics like Sturgeon, Electric Catfish and Piranha and many more. I have since placed an order for a 75 gallon tank I am setting up and will be using Biohome Plus in the canister filter, ( I mistakenly order the plus instead of the ultimate). It’s a very porous media that provides excellent biological filtration in all types of aquariums. So, if you buy this version, you get enough bio-media for a 20-gallon fish tank. I’ve had this product running in both of my freshwater tanks for 9 months now, all my levels are kept completely stable. – read more. BIOHOME® ULTRA, ULTRA PLUS, and ULTIMATE are made with higher porosity (10% more) to support more oxygen exchange within the pellet, supporting better biological functions.
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