This is a simple way to brighten the day and it’s a good supply of energy to help productivity. “Turn that around. For those in school, it’s the 8 am class. Thank you Foued, have a fabulous Monday and every other day too! 6,111 Likes, 51 Comments - Nathasha Perera (@nathashaperera05) on Instagram: “Beating Monday blues ️ ️ ️ #nathashaperera #instagram #instagood #insta #instadaily…” (2011). Coaching with Adam Eason Or Hypnotherapy with Adam Eason That is, you can let go of Monday at regular intervals in the day. Kjerulf says if you only suffer the occasional bout of mild Monday Blues, then you can do some things to successfully cheer yourself and others up on an otherwise dreary Monday. MTV Prepare for Monday on Friday: EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation With Forbes Insights, Current Digital Marketing Is Sports-Watching, Rather Than Marketing, Jack Ma, Chinese Multibillionaire And Founder Of Tech Giant Alibaba, Went Missing After Criticizing China’s Government. Got a case of the Monday blues? Establish a wonderful new routine to invigorate you every morning. He says we know from research in positive psychology that one of the best ways to cheer yourself up is to make someone else happy. This combo of Khasta Kachori having Aloo Sabzi with Chutneys is Pure Bliss ️. 3. Feeling the Monday Blues? It’s all too easy to get caught up in negativity on a Monday morning and you end up feeling like you should be unhappy because ‘everyone else is’! Do you lack passion and motivation on Monday morning? Sometimes going back to work on Monday feels especially frustrating because you let it creep into your off-time, and so it never even feels like you had a weekend at all. Lack of a fresh and challenging goal for each What The New Coronavirus Relief Bill Does For Unemployment Insurance, China’s Gen-Zers Are Slacking Off, Refusing To Work Overtime And Playing On Their Phones In Protest Of Long Hours And Low Pay, The Year In Press Freedom: 10 Urgent Cases Of Journalism Under Attack, How To Move Fast And Confront Failure As A New Entrepreneur, How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome And Silence The Oppressive Player, 5 Ways To Kick Start Your Productivity In 2021. Turns out, healthful foods are a great way to deal with those nasty Monday blues. Bring humour, and playfulness with you into your Monday. Mumbai, Dec 29 (IANS) Actress Disha Patani lives out her Aquaman fantasy in … Wake up, drink coffee, and punch today in the face Power moves only Dust settles… I don’t Believe in Millions of people feel the same way you do. He suggests you use Monday as the day to wear your favorite new outfit. Ryan Kahn, a career coach, founder of The Hired Group, star of Blue Monday - Beat the Monday blues! The way I deal with Plan to go and see a friend, eat something delicious somewhere nice or go and sweat out some stress in the gym; do something that makes you feel good, something you can look forward to. Read this article for more on this subject: How do you turn it around? For some who are less passionate about the 9 to 5, it’s the boss or lack of connection with your company. If you haven’t found it, keep looking. At the very least, it gives you a chance to take a deep breath, talk with a friend, and regroup for the rest of the day.”. Exercise is also an opportunity to take some time out to let your brain relax and wander. I have a flash card blue tacked to my office light switch that reads “Is tomorrow planned?” I want to be able to step into my office and know right away what it is that I am doing. 2. Keeping yourself busy with activities you enjoy will set you up to take control of Monday, rather than letting Monday control you. Take some time out for a quality break – use that to have some fun as I suggested in the previous point, or engage in some mindfulness, some self-hypnosis, some solitude. Start a New Year tradition and cheer someone up with a small act of kindness to show you care Blue Monday is a special day, for people to focus on doing good for each other. Happy Monday Captions Happy Monday or as I like to call it: prepreprepre Friday! Own the Day Monday Instagram Captions-Happy Monday or as I like to call it: pre-pre-pre-pre Friday!-Monday blues you will not get to me today!-Wake up, drink coffee, and punch today in the face-Power moves only This can help build your confidence around the office and might get you a few compliments from co-workers, he says. Choose your Monday rather than being a passive recipient of it. When you leave the office on Friday, leave your office problems there and focus on enjoying your time off. These kinds of goals can lead to you having other options and directions in life that give you more ‘get up and go’ to remove Monday blues. A Woman With Down Syndrome Has Fought For Organ Transplant Anti-Discrimination Legislation For Years; Now, It’s Been Proposed, And Named After Her. I have a BA from the University of Arizona and a master's degree in journalism from Hofstra University. “By making Monday a special day where you get to go out with friends, make your favorite dinner, or eat a bowl of popcorn and catch up on a TV show you recorded, the day doesn't have to be all about getting up to go into the office,” Friedman says. Perhaps that is because not only are you learning and developing, you also have an end goal in mind – an exam or deadline to work towards and that is incredibly motivating. This will help you to come into Monday with more ease from the weekend.”, Instead of tackling the biggest and most complicated tasks early on Monday, take some time for easier, more routine stuff, Kjerulf says. © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. I began writing for Forbes in 2010. 2. All you need is a momentum to keep you going. You’ll be much more productive with your working role as a result too. Monday morning blues is the feeling that comes to us as the “The first thing to do is to ask yourself what's wrong,” Kjerulf says. Now I contribute to the Leadership channel, with a focus on jobs and careers–-another hot topic in a time when people are vigorously hunting for jobs or desperately trying to hold on to the ones they have. 8. With Christmas around the corner and most of us taking some well-earned time off work, I have been thinking about happiness at work and what it is that makes a difference when we return full of beans and ready for the new year ahead as opposed to dreading our return to work. It’s as simple as that. With a beautiful picture and a miracle word, people will addict to the Instagram feeds and follow the account. “You might compliment a co-worker, do something nice for a customer, help out a stranger on the street or find some other way to make someone else's day a little better.”, 9. “If you're only running on a couple of hours of sleep, it's unlikely that you're going to feel good about going anywhere when the alarm goes off Monday morning.”, Although it might seem counter-intuitive, waking up an extra 15 to 30 minutes early on Monday morning can actually make going back to the office easier. To help combat that Monday morning anxiety, be sure to leave yourself as few dreadful tasks as possible on Friday afternoon, Friedman says. You’ll be skipping into work on Monday’s instead of dreading it. The best way you can beat Monday blues is with a lazy Sunday. The cure: Personally, I would suggest setting the song Raggae […] And, as a person, it is no way to start your week or any day – heck, the Monday blues can put a huge strain on your mental and emotional well-being! Identify the problem. It is not hard to create an environment where you don’t have to experience these feelings and you look forward to going into the office, or to work each day; being aware of doing it is a step in the right direction. Would you like a satisfying and meaningful career as a hypnotherapist helping others feel happier? 1. Tell the follower that Monday is great. “When you’re planning meetings ahead, try to schedule them for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Use self-hypnosis to get yourself feeling pumped, inspired and energised first thing in the morning. “Maybe bring donuts for your colleagues or take a quick break to catch up with friend in the office. Here are 11 ways to beat (or avoid) the dreaded Monday Blues: 1. Find some time in your day to disconnect with it. Tag someone ! If you have the Monday Blues most weeks, then this is not something you should laugh off or just live with. The Guide for the Recent Grad, says the Monday Blues are contagious. Take it upon yourself to do things that you enjoy in the office on Monday, Kahn says. Sutton Fell says when you look good, you feel good. Reward yourself along the way for taking new actions that build the habits that produce bigger results over time. Have Fun: A little (or a LOT) bit of fun and laughter is a great way to shake off a case of the Monday blues. “We know from countless studies in psychology and neurology that your current emotional state has a huge effect on the quality of your work and when you're feeling blue you are less productive, less motivated, more pessimistic, less creative, less engaged and learn more slowly–just to mention a few effects,” Kjerulf says. If you’re nodding affirmatively, you might have a case of the Monday Blues. Don’t settle.” Then altering our experience of life to one, which is far more rewarding and enjoyable on many levels. Do some or all of this stuff to beat the Monday blues: Get Enough Sleep and Rise Early: We all come across different people who feel low on Mondays and wait again for Fridays to come. “In the same vein, don't listen to other people's Monday gripes. Skating by the stunning buildings and grounds at University Circle is the perfect way to beat the winter blues (and get a little exercise, too). Does the start of your workweek trigger overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress? It is Monday morning. Check out these 10 science-backed ways to beat the Monday blues and it feel a little more like Friday. See more ideas about travel, beating the blues, travel pictures. 2. The Science of Laughter: Why Laughing is Really Good for Your Health, Get Energised – Use This Self-Hypnosis Process, Adam Eason’s Anglo European training college, How to Let Go of Grudges and Release Resentment, How to Always Have Something To Look Forward To. This is a simple way to brighten the day and it’s a good supply of energy to help productivity. Use this caption to describe how well Monday will be. Subscribe to the ‘Adam Up’ ezine filled with tips, strategies, techniques and lots of hypnosis goodness delivered to your inbox every week. You are not alone in this. ", 5. Others start the Monday blues as soon as the weekend draws to a close. Develop New Habits: Make a list of the things you’re excited about. “Taking the time to enjoy a healthy breakfast, do some exercises, or take the dog for a walk can help you feel more centered for the rest of the day, and can help you remember that you're not a robot who just sleeps and works.”, 6. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, Monday happens once a week, and we've got all the clever captions to capture your Instagram posts on this day. To pump yourself up on your way in to work, try listening to your favorite songs, Friedman says. Bring humour, and playfulness with you into your Monday. Monday morning blues and Morning blues are two different situations but the word 'blues' mean the same. Rather than trying to do all of your housework, yard work, etc. It was just as the economy was starting to perk up and a fascinating time to cover the stock market, which I did for three months until I switched beats in September 2010. Feeling down is not helped if you’re feeling exhausted too. Bite the bullet and once it’s done, that’s another weight off your shoulders that can leave your weekend feeling much lighter. Keep your Monday schedule light. Don't Think About It The more you think about it, the worse it becomes. Hypnotherapist Mentoring with Adam Eason. Be unplugged and disconnect from the world for a while. Post-holiday debt combined with lingering family rifts, and the horrifying realisation that winter is truly a sunlight deprived landscape, make for a grim outlook. And tiredness can make small problems feel like huge issues. Get enough sleep and wake up early. We have identified the six great suggestions for beating the weekly cycle of Monday blues. “It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable.”, The Monday Blues are so prevalent that they have become a cultural phenomenon, “and this makes it easy to laugh them off as ‘just the way things are,’” he says. “Maybe it’s a negative co-worker or a meeting with your boss first thing on Monday morning, or maybe it’s that you don’t feel challenged--or maybe it’s all of the above,” she says. "It can be tempting to know what's waiting for you, but drawing clearly defined boundaries between work and personal time can help keep things in check. It's a significant sign that you are unhappy at work and you need to fix it or move on and find another job. Have the blues consistently held you back and lowered your quality of life? Yet it is like a domino effect and a half when collective consciousness (figuratively speaking!) “The ‘Monday Blues’ describe a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek if they're not happy at work,” says Alexander Kjerulf, an international author and speaker on happiness at work. Having a goal in mind and written down, you’re always reminded of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Have Fun: So how do you deal with it? Unplug for the weekend. If you have trouble getting started on Monday mornings, then forge new habits that will banish the Monday blues. To help cure those Monday blues, we're heading to Magic Kingdom for a little Christmas and holiday fun! ‘Monday Blues‘ is a sad feeling or slight depression that we feel when we join the work after a weekend or after a break. It couldn’t be truer! If your morning is dragging and you have a burning desire to rewind to the weekend, you have the Monday Blues. Get it done Friday, or by Sunday, if possible.”, 3. This might put you in a more positive mood. Read more about these topics here: 1. If you’re feeling low energy or uninspired, getting moving is the best thing that you can do. Offers hypnosis training courses, seminars and lectures in a range of locations throughout the UK and Europe. Have a think about what’s coming up at work next week. If you’re able to be a source of positivity in the workplace, not only will you make your day more enjoyable, but you’ll also make the work environment better for those around you, Kahn concludes. Plan it well and turn it into something to look forward to. “But they can be much more than just a passing tiredness; they are often a serious warning sign that something is not right at work. Grab an early night tonight – not only will Blue Monday feel shorter but you’ll feel better on Tuesday. Passion is a key component in Jim Collins’ three circles theory of business success: you must be passionate about it, it must make economic sense, and you must be the best at what you’re doing. No one does. Being aware of that, reminding yourself of it, gives your Monday (and any other day) some purpose and inherent value rather than feeling blue about it. But beware: If you have too much free time—you’ll sit around "feeling blue," Shane says. How to Overcome the Sunday Night Blues. Tina Dabi on Instagram: “Beating Monday blues with filters” Start the week out with an “attitude of gratitude,” Kahn says. 3. As it turns out, your case of the Mondays can have a negative impact on your performance and productivity—as well as the people around you. Knowing that Mondays are traditionally busy days at the office, a good strategy is keep you Monday schedule as clear as possible, Kahn says. PerhapsMonday your particular burden of Monday Morning Blues is generated by oneBlues or more of these. If you believe that you are just not a morning person, then here is how to change that for good! *Makes dramatic huff, sigh and shoulder shrug to go with the noise of the word*. Are you a hypnotherapist for whom lack of inspirations and a sense of “get up and go” effecting the success of your business? You work hard, so you deserve Not Monday blues you will not get to me today! Take charge of your Mondays by relishing it and supercharging it. Have a post-work plan. Show and share your spirit, charisma and vibe and make yourself magnetic.”. You have a path, a reason to get up, look forward to getting into work on Monday and get stuck in to reaching that target. Why do you work? Have Monday Morning Planned If you have difficulty getting back into the rhythm of things on Mondays, follow a predetermined schedule for the first few hours until you get your groove. People have the Monday blues apparently. When work is such a major part of your life, then maybe you should consider doing something you enjoy or love? “What do you need to prepare for and get organized with? this year and what I’m grateful for. Even just a short run, gym workout or a walk in the park. by Adam Eason | Feb 20, 2017 | Blog, Personal Development | 2 comments. . Beating the Monday Blues isn’t just about what you do at work but what you do when you’re not. Anglo European College Of Therapuetic Hypnosis. You might find it difficult to be good at something you’re not passionate about; equally you might struggle to enjoy something you’re not passionate about. Is there anything that will be hanging over your head if you don’t get it done beforehand? It was Steve Jobs that said: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Maybe…. on Sunday, spend that day relaxing either alone, or with your family. I began writing for Forbes in 2010. “Think about the type of playlist you would create for a workout, and incorporate that same upbeat, high-energy music into your morning preparation or commute.”, When you get to the office, do your best not to be a complainer--and keep your Monday morning grumpiness to yourself, Friedman adds. Getting the tough stuff done as early as possible on Friday means your Monday will be less fearful or dread inducing. The actress, who chose to complete her look with some blue kajal and statement earrings, in her post's caption wrote, 'Monday Blues. Your email address will not be published. “Doing nice things for other people definitely can lift the spirits, and in this case, it could actually help shift the overall mood in your office,” she says. The Dalai Lama is quoted as saying, “Sleep is the best form of meditation.”. “Take Sunday to rest, review and reward, but plan for and get ready to leap into Monday.”. It’s absurd. The Monday blues may be a sign that you need to have stricter boundaries between work and play. Jun 5, 2015 - Explore Samantha Walker's board "Monday Blues", followed by 172 people on Pinterest. “We often look at the week ahead of us and think of all the tough stuff we have to do and the difficult tasks ahead of us,” Kjerulf says. There may be no more important night to get rest than Sunday night, and no better remedy for Monday blues than a solid night’s sleep. Be Goal Focused: At times we burn the candle at both ends leaving no room for rest, but research says that you cannot catch up on lost sleep. “Be the light and energy that makes others have a better day. “In either case, clarifying what is bothering you can help you try to be active in finding solutions. You'll feel a lot better once it's over.”, You’ll also want to make sure your calendar is up to date and synched, and you have a good view of and handle on your upcoming work week--especially Monday, says Deborah Shane, a career author, featured writer, speaker, and media and marketing consultant. Have fun at work. How and Why You Need To Be More Playful and Childlike. You may opt-out by. While some may consider Monday to be the worst day of the week, you, on the other hand, will learn to make the most of it. Who likes Mondays - Garfield? “Make that uncomfortable phone call, resolve that outstanding issue, or clean up that mess that's waiting for you. “But if you're feeling under-appreciated or unsatisfied with your job, it can be especially difficult to start another seemingly endless workweek.”.
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