“You can quickly design, launch, and optimize campaigns to boost performance and accelerate growth,” according to the Pantheon website. Your website’s safe with us. Pantheon currently runs more than 70,000 custom Drupal sites. Pantheon's WebOps Platform improves productivity to drive down the cost of making changes to your website. .z2-promo-form-slice { perhaps needs to start with a quick explanation of what the concept of Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is first. Front end, backend and maintenance work can all be done in parallel with Pantheon's Multidev feature-branching environments. /*-->*/. PANTHEON X is a blockchain-based financial platform which provides transparency and reliability. Drupal Answers - Tag your question with "pantheon." Profit. Help desk - Get instructions for all tasks, spinup to launch. No robots, no canned responses—real developers and engineers staff our support team. Improve SEO rankings and conversion rates with the fastest hosting platform on the planet. } The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Pantheon Report, Contact Sales Form Direct Link - Email Only. margin-top:-30px; Learn how you can build and launch websites faster, and stop worrying about infrastructure and site performance. Start new projects, create feature branches, and share updates with the click of a button. The website is the single most important marketing asset for any company but for most companies the process of building, launching and running a business website is a mess. We empower teams of developers, marketers, and IT professionals to focus on delivering business results while Pantheon handles uptime, performance, scalability, and security. Written for EO by Sarah Fruy, director of online marketing at Pantheon Platform.. Pantheon’s Website Operations (WebOps) Platform improves efficiencies and reduces costs. Koenig said that this means the platform lets clients iterate on the whole experience. */. Timely. The goal of the platform is to allow developers to build, launch, and manage their platform from one account so that they can focus their attention on other things without worrying about the working conditions of their server. Report this profile; About. Pantheon is the only WebOps platform built from the ground up for agility. There are no gotchas when servers get out of sync. For more information, please see the official Mainnet GA forum thread. Make profit by investing in Crypto currency. Pantheon provides testing and development environments for developers using the platform, helping them get sites up and running faster and more reliably. We offer plans for websites of all sizes and scales.. Pantheon is a WebOps platform that focuses on enterprise and agency solutions, making it overwhelming and expensive for the average WordPress user. The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Pantheon Report, Learn More About Building Out Your Web Team, Manage Content on the Leading WebOps Platform, Helpful Case Studies for Enterprise Marketers, Portfolio Management with Upstream Workflows. There's no infrastructure to configure, no need to add a CDN, or set up version control and backups—it's all ready to go with the push of a button. Keep your portfolio of Drupal and WordPress sites up-to-date and secure in a fraction of the time it used to take. Continuously improve your clients’ business results with rapid, iterative releases and test and learn programs. [CDATA[/* >