if (validInput !== inputs.length) { }; if (typeof OnetrustActiveGroups == 'undefined') { The Finance and Admin Officer works in var regexS = "[\\?&]" + name + "=([^&#]*)"; // ajax request Effective with the release of this position announcement, Winrock International is format: "json", 'lobName': lobName, 1 0 obj // utag link push to trigger the Tealium event return ""; } This person will manage employee records, organize files, answer calls, and provide support for the entire company. jQuery('input[name="leadUrl"]').val(windowURL); confirmationPages(); View our latest Finance Officer jobs here. 2 0 obj The successful candidate will be a hands-on and collaborative manager with proven experience in accounting, budgeting, contract and grants management; compliance; and, office administration, human resources, and operations. <> // Other form "thank you" pages Hiring Administrative officer job description Post this Administrative officer job description job ad to 18+ free job boards with one submission. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// In the broadest sense, an administrative officer also called an administrative services manager or business manager or officer is the person in charge of overseeing all of the services necessary to keep the business running. jQuery('#formBody button[name="submit"].submit-btn:disabled').addClass("invisible-text"); Finance & Administration Officer, Bangladesh Promoting Advocacy and Rights Project. Job Location: Accra, Greater Accra. //-->. setTimeout(function () { }); } *3(CyxY[c4$,NM},2yFZQ H@T!~@6.1 l^q80IRQeA@ z"*bBmOw[XZ,|5 dataType: "json", // Salary Guide form "thank you" pages // Validation var regex = new RegExp(regexS, 'i'); return Administrative/Finance Officer Profile Various Locations Grade: For Junior (P2), Mid (P3) and Senior (P4) Level Positions The Administrative/Finance Officer establishes and maintains efficient administrative systems and control mechanisms to support the smooth running of the operations and ensure compliance with administrative, human resources and financial rules and procedures. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> A financial officer can have many titles but is mostly referred to as the Chief Financial Officer, or CFO. %PDF-1.5 Administrative Officer Job Summary. utag.link({ var windowURL = window.location.href; Admin Officer Job Description. Finance Administration Officer jobs now available. Job Description. The most relevant fields of study for this role include: Finance or Economics; Accounting; Business or Business Administration; Mathematics 'event': jQuery('#eventTracker').val(), The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is resonsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a company and is in charge of specific departments (such as finance, HR, and sales), reporting directly to the CEO and board of directors. validInput++; function gup(name, url) { // Filling in hidden inputs using URL parameters % if (inputs[i].validity.valid === true) { }, 3000); Finance Officer duties and responsibilities of the job. } else if (jQuery('#newsCandidate').is(':checked')) { Job Description: As Admin Officer: Manages all correspondence within and outside the organization. endobj 'page_type': jQuery('#pageType').val(), 'event_label': jQuery('#eventLabel').val(), JOB DESCRIPTION Project Finance and Administrative Officer Effective from: June 2018 Duration of contract: Until 31st August 2019 Reporting to: Programmes Finance and Administrative Coordinator Close working relationship with: staff and consultants in the Programmes Team, Finance Manager. The finance officer is responsible to look day to day finance and accounts activities. The role of the Finance Officer involves providing financial and administrative support to colleagues, clients and stakeholders of the business. Start a free Workable trial and post your ad on the most popular job boards today. // scroll to the Submit message if (jQuery('#contactType').length) { Scope of Job The Finance and Admin Officer has responsibility for the implementation of general finance functions for the PMU. jQuery('input[name="utmSource"]').val(gup('utm_source').replace(/\+/g, ' ')); Reporting to a manager and supporting the finance and accounting teams, a Finance Officer job description should include some of the below key duties and responsibilities. // Grab Google Client ID from console and populate input 'nonInteraction': jQuery('#nonInteraction').val(), Reporting to a manager and supporting the finance and accounting teams, a Finance Officer job description should include some of the below key duties and responsibilities. if (jQuery('#newsClient').is(':checked')) { var confirmUrlCA = jQuery('input[name="confirmUrlCA"]').val(); Finance officers oversee their organizations financial resources to achieve the years revenue and budget goals. else { } If you are an employer and would like to talk to us about your current recruitment needs, Its a role that may attract applicants keen to move up the financial corporate ladder; those with ambitions of being Finance Managers, or even the CFO one day. By clicking any link on this page, you are giving your consent for us to use cookies. if (typeof utag != "undefined") { // Hide the form and show the 'thank you' message Finance Officer job description should highlight the need for candidates who are focused on outcomes, excellent problem solvers and strong communicators. A Finance Officer role is well suited to candidates with university qualifications, and this should be detailed in the Finance Officer job description. <> break; They have a deep knowledge of various accounting and tax regulations, as it is their responsibility to make sure the organization is 100 percent compliant. // grab url params function confirmationPages() { url: '/ajax/marketing-cloud/form-submit', Bookkeeping and reconciliation of general ledger of all transactions annually, quarterly and monthly expenses occurred. Finance and Admin Officer Job Description - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. } else { Records all incoming and out-going letters and documents. It is constantly seeking talented, compassionate candidates with high-integri jQuery(document).ready(function () { This position will be based in Chiredzi and will report to the Project Manager in the Save Valley Landscape.

Position Summary

The Project Finance & Administrative Officer 'nonInteraction': jQuery('#nonInteraction').val(), var inputs = jQuery("#formBody select, #formBody input, #formBody textarea"); jQuery('button[name="submit"]').after(jQuery('Loading')); 'CommunicationOptIn': CommunicationOptIn if (jQuery('#clientInfoLOB').val()) { }); // end ready jQuery("#submitMessage").show(); View all our finance officer vacancies now with new jobs added daily! scrollTop: jQuery("#submitMessage").offset().top - (jQuery("#submitMessage").outerHeight() / 2) var clientId; switch (confirmContactType) { Are you looking for a Finance Officer role? success: function () { jQuery('.needs-validation').addClass("was-validated"); jQuery("#formContainer").hide(); jQuery('input[name="utmMedium"]').val(gup('utm_medium').replace(/\+/g, ' ')); console.log("clientId is undefined"); var CommunicationOptIn; 4 0 obj endobj else The Director of Finance and Administration will play a critical role in partnering with the senior leadership team in strategic decision making and operations as XYZ N CommunicationOptIn = 'client'; 1 JOB DESCRIPTION Job title Finance and administration officer Responsible to Communications and Engagement Officer Salary: 17,000 - 20,000 pro-rata Hours: 3 days a week (21 hours) Flexible working hours possible Place of work: Based at Healthwatch Tower } Finance Officer, Administrative Officer, Program Officer and more on Indeed.com var lobName; console.log('the form is submitted'); // inputs variable contains all of the elements in the form which need validation This Finance Officer job description template is optimized with financial and administrative duties to cover your company needs. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// url = window.location.href; } Job Title: Finance and Admin Officer. vv~@(d7SxzP=xy*](Oc'd5Y""K28(YNW3. lobName = jQuery('#candidateInfoLOB').val(); A Finance Officer job description generally includes: A Finance Officer role is well suited to candidates with university qualifications, and this should be detailed in the Finance Officer job description. K.LwO'I;=-xCe":Q6U$`}-)0%s0rZmqHx=b\.p|jX ~p,~^m=4[/-0y*" V_kM63Y$"f;HXL:eF@w\K8e(=lP:HZ[KEX@qZ54p6x~$_|Ij/$og4d}rwP^E data: jQuery('#formBody').serialize(), 'OnetrustActiveGroups': OnetrustActiveGroups }; window.location.href = confirmUrl; x[YoF~GraQ"`K@>">3DnN7gzDI!GUu'8 9VAX~9xsy;=9bK$ }, 300); }2E2vT8pD+LOe\ -_(huO>5dsh]i](}cT2`,N!J2.5#33x=jp{S1 nz1D[)Hg,j=M 8sX" confirmContactType = jQuery('#contactType').val().toLowerCase(); Y,RK3%R)WvIJ } <>>> setTimeout(function () { jQuery('input[name="utmContent"]').val(gup('utm_content').replace(/\+/g, ' ')); for (i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++) { lobName = jQuery('#clientInfoLOB').val(); var validInput = 0; function subForm() { }, 50); // 'needs-validation' and 'was-validated' are bootstrap classes window.location.href = confirmUrlCL; return unescape(results[1]); }; Read more. In addition, the finance officer will support partners to improve on financial reporting, capacity and systems. } ADMINISTRATION OFFICER JOB DESCRIPTION June 2011 Other Duties The duties and responsibilities in this job description are not exhaustive The postholder may be required to undertake other duties that may be required from time to time within the general scope of the post. setTimeout(function () { if (results == null) Duties and Qualifications Administrative/Finance Officer Profile Various LocationsGrade: Junior (P2), Mid (P3) and Senior (P4) Level Positions The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is mandated to lead and coordinate international action to protect and assist refugees and other persons of concern. 'eventCat': jQuery('#eventCategory').val(), CommunicationOptIn = 'candidate'; A Simple Plan of Employee Counseling Full Job Description of Finance Officer The most relevant fields of study for this role include: Knowledge in the below programs could also be included in the job description to appeal to multi-skilled and high-quality candidates: Robert Half is a leadingrecruitment agency for accounting. // Submit A Finance Officer job description generally includes: 'tealium_event': jQuery('#eventTracker').val(), console.log(clientId);

The Project F&A Officer will provide finance and administrative support to the project, ensuring compliance with AWFs internal controls as well as donor policies and procedures. 'eventAct': jQuery('#eventAction').val(), As the Finance and Administration Officer (FAO), they will also be required to support the thematic areas in providing reports to donors, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the department by assisting in the implementation of HR policies, procedures, and administrative systems. name = name.replace(/[\[]/, "\\\[").replace(/[\]]/, "\\\]"); jQuery('button[name="submit"]').prop('disabled', 'true'); Receives advice from the project Manager and Executive Director on relevant issues and tend to tha information/inquiries sought. }; if (url == null) var confirmContactType; jQuery('input[name="SF_Contact_ID"]').val(gup('i').replace(/\+/g, ' ')); The Director of Finance and Administration will be a strategic thought-partner, and report to the executive director (ED). Boutique recruitment agency seeking a full-time Administration & Finance Officer to join fast paced and fun team environment. 'event_action': jQuery('#eventAction').val(), jQuery('input[name="clientID"]').val('ID' + clientId); var OnetrustActiveGroups = ''; Finance officer Jobs in All Australia. NLADAs Director of Administration and Finance Officer will be responsible for the day-to-day administrative and financial management of the organization. 'eventLbl': jQuery('#eventLabel').val(), jQuery('input[name="utmCampaign"]').val(gup('utm_campaign').replace(/\+/g, ' ')); } else if (jQuery('#candidateInfoLOB').val()) { This is a role that interacts with several departments internally. MEPehLa%gG? jQuery('html, body').animate({ Y/}$zB^SQDZMZD7Z%SoR vOg|%::Q%Gde gh#Jmo\hi%g|xn dataLayer.push({ Feel free to modify and post this template to online job boards and careers pages to attract qualified candidates. else if (jQuery('input[name="confirmUrl"]').length) { }); 'CommunicationOptIn': CommunicationOptIn,