Shen Zhong declined but looked worriedly at his sister. He further added that he helped a couple who threw water on the street but accidentally splash the hanfu of somebody. During a very balletic martial art, Wu Zhu told Fan Xian that he should stop with his mission. She was spitting blood but this did not stop her looking for the elusive Fan Xian because she had fallen in love at first sight. Saintess Haitang or Doudou, the last disciple of Grandmaster KuHe turned up with the mission of killing Xiao En. Any sympathy Fan Xian could have dug out from his heart was quickly buried by the thought of the death of Teng Ziying. It was extreme global warming or global freezing. I have not read this particular novel (Joy of Life), but I understand that it is a super long novel, and the drama adaptation is planning for a five … There have not yet been any votes for "Les Petites Graines". Fan Xian found the ladies rather different from the norm, especially Waner’s mother. Fan Xian said that he should not be there as he was not part of the family. Chen Ping Ping found out that the palace break-in had something to do with Fan Xian. Until there was only Lin Dong who tried to bribe Wu Zhu with fame and fortune but Wu Zhu just stabbed him with his sword. Then walked in Lang Tao that worried Da Ren. When Fan Xian asked where the key was, Wu Zhu said that it was in the Capital and he was leaving immediately to find it. Fan Xian was raging. Chen Ping Ping had some sympathy for the boy so he told Wen Zhu where he should take the baby. This is such a heartwarming episode. Yan Bingyun had been studying the accounts book and noticed some major anomalies. In the end, she refused but Fan Xian decided that he was over with bein a Mr Nice Guy so told Si Li Li that he was not going to torture her instead he will do up another level in the dungeon where there will be no light. Lady Ru Yu was very protective of Fan Xian and was so annoyed with the guard. Boy Fan Xian had told Master Fei Jie that he only ever trust one person and that was Wen Zhu. Vote Now! Now Teng Ziying realised that someone who wanted to kill Fan Xian had used the Investigation Office to carry out the assassination. The corporation had been taken over by the Imperial family and now being managed by Princess Royal. Fan Xian and his convoy had reached Northern Qi. Lang Tao’s grand-standing was interrupted by Dou Dou, who appealed to the Empress D that she should be the one to challenge Fan Xian to find out whether he was really in love with her. Anyway, at that moment, Princess Royal sought the Empress Dowager to ask her to intervene and not allow her daughter to marry a country bumpkin from Danzhou. He told Teng Ziying that he came to the Capital to find out who was trying to kill him and who killed his mother but these days, he just wanted to marry Wan’er and take her back to live in idleness, peace, and quiet in Danzhou. This was all what Shadow wanted to hear. Zhu Ge stopped the prince by telling him that it was an edict from the emperor that Royal Family should not be involved in the investigation unit. He then woke up in bed with a woman sitting by his bed. Fan Xian and Wang Qinian rode through the town with Si Lili but ensuring that the public knew that Si Li LI was the most wanted spy from Northern Qi. He must not go with them. When the girl started to leave the place, Ku He followed her without hesitation. Fan Xian got back to Yan Bingyun and reported that Xiao En is dead. Xiao En was a legend. There have not yet been any votes for "Les Premiers Instants De La Vie". Fan Xian took this to heart and made a promise to Guo Baukun that he will help him free his father from prison when they return to the Capital but with the condition that his family and friends will form an alliance with Fan Xian. He found out that Fei Jie hurried from a mission to see Fan Xian before he leaves for the Northern Qi. Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, while interviews with the participants reveal their thoughts and feelings. When the soldiers of the Second Prince came Fan Xiao told them that Siche was a legitimate son of Minister Fan who would not stop if Siche was harmed by the second Prince. Fan Xian had to say that he was, indeed, with them. He was baby Fan Xian. as Yan Rouhai (Head of the Fourth Bureau of the Investigation Department), Guo Qi Lin as Fan Sizhe – younger brother, Gao Shuguang as Fan Jian, Minister of Revenue, Adoptive father of Fan Xian, Yuan Quan – Ye Qingmei, Fan Xian’s biological mother, Zhang Haowei as Li Chengyu, the Crown Prince. Not everyone agreed but Chen Ping Ping said they can have a go killing him again. It was Si Li Li who immediately confessed of her feelings for him. The Prince did not care and told his soldiers to unsheath their swords. Madam Fan had really grown really fond of Fan Xian so she was finding it hard to let him go. In the meantime, the royal family, especially the Emperor, were rather curious of Fan Xian. On his way back to the harem, Fan Xian was waylaid by what he spied upon. Cheng Ping Ping called an immediate meeting among the leaders of the various factions of the Investigation Unit. Where is the justice in that? There have not yet been any votes for "L'arbre De La Vie". In the end, he stopped and asked if he had recited a hundred? He must have sat there regularly for 10 years? Fan Xian mentioned that Ho Da Ren had been helping him. Fan Xian understood this and before you know it, Lady Ruyu became his loving stepmother much to the confusion and ire of Fan Sizhe. Fan Xian is setting up a plan to kill Shen Zhong by Shang Shan Hu to revenge Xiao En. Release Date: January 18, 2020. He said he was going to introduce a glistening material that has many uses and can be a vessel for drinks. But he can’t just let Teng Ziying die in vain. These many scenarios from the declaration of Fan Xiao sounded like it the country would end up in turmoil. Prince Jing invited him to a soiree for the next day. Shen Zhong went mental and it took both Fan Xian and Dou Dou to subdue him. This episode is about meeting loved ones. Fan Xian was dining with Madam Fan when Fan Xian decided to eat all the bamboo shoots.

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