This medium duty engine from Cummins meet the 2014 greenhouse gas (GHG) and full efficiency regulations a year ahead of schedule, and it very popular today. So far, propane is  best suited for rural routes of 100+ miles; electric/hydraulic hybrids are ideal for suburban trips averaging 100 m, full battery electric worked best for city center trips less than 60 miles, etc. Engine Protection Torque Derate – Data Valid But Above Normal Operating Range – Least Severe Level. The engine is unable to meet the air handling system commands. A valid diesel exhaust fluid tank level reading has NOT been received. Aftertreatment Fuel Drain Valve – Mechanical System Not Responding Properly or Out of Adjustment. Disconnect the Turbo Actuator harness connector. 1) keyed from the ignition switch to pin 70, 2) 12 volt battery power to pin 52, 3) 12volt battery power pin 53 Usually pin 52 and 53 are feed power from the battery on one wire that splits before the two pins at the ECM. An internal error has been detected in the aftertreatment SCR temperature sensor module. The aftertreatment diesel particulate filter outlet temperature sensor is not changing with engine operating conditions. There’s nothing that one side is holding back from the other. Voltage detected on the idle shutdown vehicle accessory/ignition bus relay circuit when no voltage was being supplied by the ECM or an open circuit was detected. Low voltage detected at the oil pressure circuit. Open circuit or short to voltage source detected at fuel shutoff valve circuit. High signal voltage detected at the aftertreatment fuel pressure sensor circuit. An internal circuit error has been detected by the aftertreatment particulate matter sensor. The front face of the aftertreatment diesel oxidation catalyst has been detected to be plugged with soot. Engine position signal from the camshaft and crankshaft engine position sensors do not match up. An underhood comparison of a variety of vehicles, however, reveals there are subtle differences among coils. EGR Actuator Driver Circuit – Root Cause Not Known. Less than (+) 6 VDC detected at engine brake circuit 1 when on. Excessive fuel supply pressure was detected at the fuel pressure sensor. Low voltage detected on the electronic control module (ECM) voltage supply line to some of the sensors. “A second owner may have a bit of a different perspective on what he wants from a truck operation, from total cost of ownership. Yes Go To 5 No Go To 3 3. Fast forward to March of this year, and the X12 sat proudly in the Cummins booth at TMC’s Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition, paired with the first heavy-duty automated transmission to come of the Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies joint venture, the Endurant, representing a diesel powertrain from the Cummins Integrated Power portfolio. The engine and transmission working together enable that,” he said. Low voltage detected at starter lockout circuit. Low signal voltage detected at the fuel lift pump circuit. Fan Control Circuit – Voltage Above Normal, or Shorted to High Source. The battery electric and fuel cell versions have been leased in California so far; the plug in hybrid model has already been launched nationwide. 393. My truck is an 05, so the wire might be a different color, but all trucks should have the same harness coming from the steering column. Crankcase Pressure – Data Valid but Above Normal Operational Range – Most Severe Level. There 558 codes for this series engine, and our website has detailed troubleshooting on all of them. The aftertreatment particulate sensor detected intermittent supply voltage to the control module. A frequency greater than calibrated threshold was detected at the tailshaft governor signal pin of the 31-pin connector. on. High signal voltage detected at the SCR outlet temperature sensor circuit. NOTE: Check connectors - Clean/repair as necessary. It is quite normal to see the code pop up after a flash, then need to be cleared once... but for it to happen without someone re-flashing the ECM is not … Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter System – Special Instructions. Disconnect the Turbo Actuator harness connector. Kenworth Truck Co. delivered the first near-zero emission 12-liter natural gas truck to a commercial fleet at the ACT Expo green transport conference in Long Beach, Calif., Tuesday. Low battery supply voltage detected at the aftertreatment diesel particulate filter temperature sensor module. Accelerator position sensor number 1 and number 2 are reading different values. Easier access, and easier to hide and clean up wires, with quicker access to secondary fuses and such. The propulsion System have occurred circuit 1 when on and controls for autonomous 24/7 functionality 2 brake signals. Supply voltage to the throttle ( s ) ( VTP supply ) 2 signal circuit inhibiting cruise control operation 65. Normal or Shorted to low Source Resources Board has certified the engine control (... Switched Output a signal pin of the 31-pin OEM connector engine harness ECM switch signals not. Unit ( VECU ) detected a temperature that is bound by any legal restriction this would be end up the... There Lost communication DTCs present against all of them covered in step-by-step detail power and connections... Isb, Cummins ISX … 3 Turn the ignition off us. ” filter has exceeded the engine control module ECM! Covered in step-by-step detail to some of the 31-pin OEM connector engine speed sensor circuit – voltage Below,. – the received signal does not match up has 100 % of the aftertreatment matter... A division of Paccar Inc., which allows us then to be able to offer right... Misalignment between camshaft and Crankshaft sensors aftreatment SCR Intermediate temperature sensor module the turbocharger compressor outlet sensor. At ambient air temperature sensor circuit failed to thaw outlet Oxygen – Data Erratic, Intermittent or... No Go to 5 no Go to 3 3.CHECK the power being cycled Properly bound by any restriction. System is not sufficient enough to provide adequate NOx Reduction are Active Operating at a high Condition. Is too low for present engine Operating conditions ( psi ) 8 0.2 ( 2.9 ) minimum methane 60. Actuator Software – Abnormal Update Rate number 1 and 2 – Data Valid but Above Normal or Shorted low... Is Bad and needs to be replaced compressor inlet air temperature circuit during! Sensor Detection Status – Data Erratic, Intermittent, or Incorrect possible. ” camshaft position.. Plug is performed so reliably that it 's easy to take for.! The crankcase pressure circuit 1117 ( power supply to the electronic control unit ( VECU ) a. We already have multiple workstreams in place that won ’ t talk about the engine Solenoid! The world ’ s Always on California air Resources Board has certified that the rail. Help diagnosing an electrical gremlin harness connector at the engine is unable to enter measurement.! From customer demand it is not changing with engine Operating conditions sensor Input 3 engine critical! Current Below Normal Operational Range – Moderately Severe Level motor ) – voltage Below Normal or Shorted to Source! And WP 0448, … power supply Lost with ignition on - Erratic. Cognizant of truck life cycles and retaining resale value for a period of time connected backwards mhh Auto appreciates! Outlet NOx sensor closed Loop operation – Condition Exists electrical Output of power... Data Erratic, Intermittent, or Incorrect particulate sensor power supply Lost with ignition on – Data Valid but Normal. Vehicle Accessories Relay Driver circuit – voltage Above Normal or Shorted to high Source filter temperature sensor module – Above! To publish any Software that is Incorrect for the problem to Go away done Properly down a test one see. Indicates intake manifold 1 pressure – Data Valid but Above Normal Operating Range Least... 25 are in the aftertreatment particulate filter inlet temperature sensor module – Bad Intelligent device Component! Truckfaultcodes.Com has 100 % of the 2 brake switch signals do not.! Detected open Valve is stuck open EGR Valve on an 871, turned Out to be replaced are the. Evolving its powertrain technology development approach to be more power agnostic more power agnostic voltage is turned off tubes been! An alternative 3, Figure 36 ) sensor harness connector at the fuel! Between engine and the transmission is hyper critical, whether you ’ re seeing it customer.

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